French Menu Terms

Beef/Veal/Pork & Other Meat Terms

This includes beef, pork, veal, pâté, seafood and the ever famous frogs legs. Just remember that sometimes something new can be better than expected to what place than to try French food, than in a proper French restaurant!

À point

Medium rare

Bien cuit

Well done

Bleu, saignant

Rare (“blue” or “bleeding”)

Le bifteck


À la broche

Cooked on a skewer


Burned to a crisp (think carbonised!)

Le cassoulet

Rich meat and bean casserole

La charcuterie

An assortment of cured and dried meats

Les cuisses de grenouille

Frogs’ legs

Les escargots

Snails served in-shell with garlic-parsley butter

Le foie


Les huitres


Les moules


Le pâté

Liver mousse

Les rognons de veaux

Veal kidneys

Une saucisse/Saucisson

A Sausage (similar to chorizo)

Le steak tartare

Seasoned, finely chopped raw beef

Le tête de veau

Veal head

Une tranche

A slice

Le veau


La viande




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