French Menu Terms


Poultry/Chicken Terms

Chicken is a staple of menus the world over – and France is no different, this section is devoted to the humble chicken.

Les ailes de poulet

Chicken wings

Le blanc de poulet

Chicken breast

Le coq au vin

Chicken in red wine sauce

Le consommé du volaille

Chicken broth

Le coquelet

Young male chicken

La cuisse

Dark meat

La poulard

Young female chicken

Le poulet/poule


Le poulet rôti:

Roast chicken

La volaille

White meat


Common Menu Items

These are the staples item found on a French menu, or that can typically arise.


A bite-sized hors d’oeuvre, compliments of the chef

Le beurre


Les coquilles Saint-Jacques


Les oeufs


Le pain


Les pâtes

Pasta – not to be confused with pâté a mousse made from liver.


Keep reading to learn about popular menu terms for how things are cooked and some useful general terms…

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