Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Toothbrush


The Philips Sonicare gets its moniker from the very high frequency at which the heads rotate (31,000 times a minute), and it's actually much quiter than I expected, and quieter than my old toothbrush, and it does clean very, very well. A word to the wise though, my old toothbrush I could use with my mouth open, with this one, thats a risky endeavour that usually results in my bathroom mirror looking like a snow storm – this toothbrush really does get the toothpaste swirling around your mouth, so just bear that in mind.

It does come with 5 modes, including a standard clean, an extended clean and a sensitive option. I find the toothbrush feels quite gentle, so I don't use the sensitive mode and I tend to use the 2 minute standard cycle in the morning (when I am in a rush!) and the 2½ minute cycle before bed, and my teeth feel extremely clean and my gums are nice and pink, not once has this brush made my gums bleed or anything. As is common with higher-end brushes, it does pulse after 30 seconds and at the end of a full brushing cycle.

Charging stand


Now this is an expensive item – it's one of the most expensive toothbrushes on the market, but I guess when comparing this against the cost of actual dental work, it might represent some long-term value. But even so, the RRP appears to be a bit of a gimmick price, it's RRP is £250/$400, but I could find this quite easily for around half of that in a bunch of (seemingly) constantly running promotions. Even so, thats a big outlay for a toothbrush… so what do you all get with it?

My biggest complaint about the whole toothbrush is the fact it came with ONE head, no thats not a spare one, but one, I think for the retail price, they could surely provide a second toothbrush head. That big complaint aside, the travel case is strong, and has a USB adapter which makes travel much easier, there is a power adaptor (shaver socket only) and the induction charging glass – it feels a bit like the toothbrush you could imagine buying in an Apple Store.

The Verdict

A visit to the dentist isn't cheap, and if this means I can go a little longer between visits to a hygienist, then it will be money well spent, and  do believe that will prove to be the case. The design of the brush is gorgeous, and the extra travel case was of huge appeal to me. At the commonly discounted price I would very happily recommend it. If it was only available at the full RRP then I would have to really have a think about it – although I always think with teeth, eyes and so on, that money invested in those is money well spent.

At the promotional/online price I would give it a 9/10, based on the full RRP, it would probably be an 8/10. It is also a perfect present for anyone who really is a health geek or a foodie, and it can be bought in black, white or pink options (perhaps Apple inspired there too!).

If you want to check the item out on Amazon, click the banner below.

* It does sound like these are meant to come with two brushes, but I certainly only had one in the box.
** I was going to buy this toothbrush anyway, but after hearing I was going to review it, Philips provided me with a free one, but that doesn't affect how I review things. Ever.

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