Life as a Kitchen Geek

How exciting, my first article for Kitchen Geekery and the product of many months hard work is finally coming to fruition. I am a 27-year-old man, living in Newcastle Upon Tyne in the UK. By day I code, design and help manage a growing Mobile messaging service.

When I get home after work I like to go straight in to my kitchen and get cooking. I find it doing this helps wind me down for the evening. I have no formal training, no professional experience as a Chef and usually when I start preparing my dinner I am absolutely starving - but I love taking the time to do it all properly and I am most happy to share the joys and pitfalls I experience.Now I know time is a luxury and I am blessed to have mostly free evenings, but there is something about cookery and food that excites me in the same way programming does. It's all about creating something you are proud of and knowing what you made inside out. I'm a geek*, I like facts and I like to know a bit more than is strictly necessary about what I am preparing.

From learning the right way to chop an onion (And which knife would be a good buy) through to getting a good recipe for a nice hot Indian curry, to what’s new in the world of ice cream flavours - I hope this site will become the resource for all these questions, musings and experiences that we have. I would love to hear from everyone who shares the same joy – especially people who would like to submit articles.

* I love the Dune series, gadgets, video games, Star Wars and I do actually say lol in conversation – I am that kind of geek...

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