September 2012 Update

It's been a while since I posted an update about the site, but as you can hopefully tell, I have still been posting recipes regularly and the occasional article.

The size of our Twitter following still continues to surprise me, its now nearing 22,000 followers, and perhaps by the end of 2012 that might be 30,000 - if not more! I generally mix a load of personal responses to messages and DM's with some regular (automated) tweeting of recipes from the site too.

Traffic still continues to grow month on month, and some of our recipes are proving extremely popular too - long may it last!

Seeking volunteers

On the subject of Twitter, I just posted a bit of an appeal for regular contributors to Kitchen Geekery. I must admit I am struggling to keep up with the hunger (pun intended) for new recipes, and it's my hope I can find a collection of skilled and enthusiastic writers who can submit a recipe or article at least once a month.

If that sounds like something you might be interesting in doing please read this page, or send a tweet to @kitchengeekery.

If I get a good response to that then that would free up some of my time to work on “Kitchen Geekery 2.0” - a revamp and upgrade of the whole website to an even stronger platform, one which would include content searching, related recipes and better integrated forums and commenting modules.

To all bloggers

If you have a website or blog and want to help out, but don't have the time to contribute content, then why not add one of our awesome banners to your site? The banners page has a few different ones to choose from and the HTML to copy and paste into your site.

It would be much appreciated and it all helps spread the word!

Food news

Got some recipes for beef Wellington, banana bread, mixed berry sorbet and some interesting biscuits in the pipeline for publishing too, as well as another long article on chillies (Such a great topic to write about!).

Your thoughts

I now open the discussion to the floor, what do you all think of Kitchen Geekery, and what could be improved, and what are we rocking?

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