December Update

It’s certainly long overdue, but its now time for an update on events from Kitchen Geekery HQ.

Since the last update a few milestones have been reached, as I endeavor to connect more dots in my head and build the community around Kitchen Geekery.

In no particular order here are some of the key milestones;

  • The launch of two iOS applications; a Unit Converter, and a Kitchen Geekery app.
  • 4,200 Twitter followers
  • 12 New recipes
  • The integration of the RSS Feeds
  • A slight design tweak; a slightly wider, less rounded site, with a even more attractive background image
  • Site loading speed optimisations
  • 450 Fans of Kitchen Geekery on Facebook
  • 46% Traffic growth for the last 30 days, over the previous 30

I have also received so many kind emails, and tweets from so many different and interesting people, and I am more excited than ever about the road ahead.

There have been a few special perks too; I have been sent some excellent haggis from Macsweens of Edinburgh, some pretty damn awesome alcohol free beer from Soft Brew, and have been invited to a meal cooked by one of the finalists from Masterchef.

So what does the next month or two have in store?

The single biggest launch will be the forum; a place for foodies and geeks to meet and exchange stories, recipes and knowledge – and I have been hard at work building (From scratch as usual) a sleek, attractive forum especially for the community.

For those of you who already have the iOS app, you can login with the same details, or create an account soon directly on this site.

That aside, my aims are to get more people adding the “I love KG” site banners to their blogs, adding more recipes and articles and cook plenty of truly awesome food.

As I now have a volume of high quality haggis, I will be posting lots of traditional, and novel ways to enjoy Scotland’s national dish too.

…Oh and finding time to enjoy Christmas too with my ever so supportive girlfriend!

I will post again before Christmas, but I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who has visited, shared or contributed to this site – and I hope it grows into an essential bookmark to many a foodie in future.

If anyone would like to get in touch, send me a Tweet, a Facebook message or post below.

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