January update - 2012 looks promising!

2011 was a great first year for Kitchen Geekery, the site was launched and it's partner applications for iOS soon followed and have proved quite popular. Traffic has grown steadily as the site has expanded and my hopes keep being continually raised for 2012.

The site itself has quite a bit of content, and new content is now posted a few times a week - but hopefully that will become even more regular.

I would love to hear from aspiring food writers who would be interested in submitting regular articles or recipes - if that's of interest please send an email or a tweet.

Sara Danesin

Dinner club with Sara Danesin

I am also very excited to be attending a dinner at Sara@St.Johns in York on the 25th January, and to enjoy a meal prepared by Sara Danesin - a 2011 MasterChef finalist.

I am an avid fan of MasterChef, and I watch it religiously on iPlayer with my girlfriend (Just watch it on a full stomach or you will be so hungry afterwards), so to get to meet her, and to sample her food is sure to be a brilliant experience.

If you have been, or are going, why not get in touch with me!



New business cards

Kitchen Geekery business cards

I also can't resist showing off my new business cards too that I created earlier this month - the back of each one has a different quote. What do you think?

The quotes are;

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food” George Bernard Shaw

“Cooking is like love, it should be entered with abandon or not at all”
Harriet Van Horne in Vogue 10/1956

…and finally, my personal favourite…

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art”
La Rouchefoucauld

I particularly like that last quote because I feel it encapsulates what Kitchen Geekery is all about - people learning about, and enjoying their food.

I also wanted to share an excellent example of customer care with you.

Excellent customer service...

I am a big fan of Global knives - they are so gorgeous and so sharp they make chopping a joy, so when I noticed the blade of my 20cm G2 Cooks knife had developed a defect I was pretty depressed.

As they are pretty pricey, I returned it to them and Global kindly replaced the knife under their lifetime warranty. Better still this was done without fuss or quibble - so I just wanted to say thanks (and the new knife is perfect!).

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