Kitchen Geekery goes live!

Well after almost six months in the works, Kitchen Geekery is now available to everyone.  I am really excited about the possibilities, its my hope that this is the start of something really cool and inspires new people to cook, enjoy good food and share their passion.

I would like Kitchen Geekery to be an essential bookmark for anyone who likes to cook - especially those who appreciate some interesting facts or want to take their cooking to the next level - and to have trusted recommendations of some of the tools that I, or the site users have personally used.

I am reaching out to everyone who has a passion for cookery, design or gadgets to contribute to the site; whether its commenting on articles - or writing some.

If you would like to write an article for Kitchen Geekery, you can either send it directly to us, or you can ask our thoughts first - every published article will be credited to the Author and I am happy to include a little footnote about the Author too if you have a site or product you want to mention.

So for now I plan to enjoy the moment and enjoy dreaming about what Kitchen Geekery could become and I hope everyone enjoys the ride and the content produced.

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