New responsive design goes live

As you may have noticed when clicking around the site, it has a new design and layout, and although it's still in keeping with the existing brand quite a few improvements have been made.

The site is responsive

Basically what this means is, the very latest technologies and design practices have been used to ensure that regardless of what device you view Kitchen Geekery on, it should look good! If you are reading this on a desktop, try reducing and increasing the window size, and you will see the website reacts and reshuffles content around to give you the rest reading experience.

On large widescreens, the site will widen and image slideshows will scale up too. On typical desktops the website should fill the width of your browser, if you are browser the site from a Tablet device, like an iPad, it will remove the large popular recipes and slideshows, and present you with a longer, easy-to-touch-scroll page, and on mobile, all the adverts, Facebook boxes and peripheral content will vanish and give you a lean, faster loading site suited to a small screen.

For those geeky enough to care, this was mainly accomplished by using the Twitter Bootstrap framework, and it's flexible column system, with a bit of LESS, Font Awesome and the odd Expression Engine plugin used for good measure.

We have more links between sections

Many people come across Kitchen Geekery when search for our popular peppercorn sauce, or curry recipes but we also want to encourage people to have a read of our other interesting articles and recipes too. So now we suggest twice as many related recipes, and have a big new menu (hover over the recipe link on a desktop device) which gives you more links to what's new and what's good than ever before.

We show better adverts

Unfortunately Kitchen Geekery costs money to run, whether it's hosting, or development and marketing costs, we have bills to pay too - so we now show a better selection of rich adverts, which should all be relevant to foodies and geeks – if they aren't then let us know! We don't want to drive visitors away, but a few adverts for food or some local supermarkets is good for us both.

The site loads faster

Since the new design has went live, we have been working harder than ever to delivery our content to you quicker, and smoother than ever before – we have an updated set of compression and optimisation tools which so far are showing consistent, and significant improvements to the website loading times.

We want to do more though!

Please add your comments about the site below, whether you like the design or not, or have noticed slowness, or layout glitches on your phone or computer, please let us know and we will fix them! You can also send us tweets if you prefer with comments about the site too.


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