Recipes tagged with "british".

Beef and black pudding stew

This beef stew is simple, and provided you don't let it go dry or burn, and use good quality ingredients will turn out absolutely gorgeous.

Country house chicken

This recipe for Country House chicken is a time-served family favourite. The sauce is thick, but not creamy, and makes a great accompaniment to steamed green vegetables, and some new, – or dauphinoise – potatoes

Yorkshire pudding

Yorkshire puddings are named after the county of Yorkshire, England and are a perfect addition to a Sunday roast.

Scotch broth

​Scotch broth is a hearty, filling soup, packed full of winter vegetables.

Beef wellington

Beef Wellington is an impressive dish, and although it is quite an expensive one to prepare – it's well worth the extra effort and expense!

Salmon burgers

Making burgers from scratch is great fun, and the use of salmon makes this a healthy, and interesting option for any meal.