Recipes tagged with "cheese".

Roasted Vegetable Quiche

Quiches are a savoury dish with an open-faced pastry crust and a filling that can be served either hot or cold. Perfect for barbeques and parties throughout the year, this roasted vegetable quiche will be a fun treat for the entire family.

Vegetable quiche with pesto

This classic vegetable quiche combines fresh and colourful vegetables, a creamy filling and a delicious pesto sauce that makes for a splendid supper to enjoy outside on a warm summer evening, or as a cheerful wintertime treat.

Alfredo sauce

Alfredo sauce is a luxurious, smooth sauce made from butter and parmesan. The sauce is best served hot, tossed through some pasta (Fettuccine alfredo).

Turkey breast stuffed with Piquante peppers

This recipe for turkey breast stuffed with piquante peppers makes use of some quality British produce to provide an impressive meal which is fun to prepare, and can be enjoyed all year round.