Recipes tagged with "sauce".

Genoese green pesto

This classic Italian sauce is perfect served simply alongside pasta or potatoes and grated parmesan.

Tartar sauce

Tartar, or Tartare (British) sauce is a creamy white sauce made from mayonnaise and lemon juice, and is usually served with seafood.

Panna cotta

Panna cotta originates from Piedmont, in Northern Italy, and this dish makes a classy dessert, and despite its heavy ingredients, it is light and refreshing, and works great with a simple fruit sauce.


This guacamole recipe couldn't be simpler, and it tastes far more soothing and tasty than the readymade stuff – and with the red colours speckled through, looks a damn site more appetising!

Saffron sauce

Saffron sauce adds a touch of luxury to many dishes.

Roasted red pepper sauce

I typically serve this red pepper sauce with seafood, especially white fish such as; cod, halibut, or haddock - but it should work equally well with chicken and turkey.