French Menu Terms

French Cuisine

Kitchen Geekery sheds some light on some common terms found on French menus – perfect for that trip to Paris – or that new French restaurant! This is a very big list of words, so it should be an invaluable resource for anyone looking to learn enough French to get by during a French meal, or enjoying a meal at a French speaking restaurant.

The Drinks Menu

Avec des glaçons

On the rocks

La biére


Une bouteille

A bottle

Le café

Coffee (typically Espresso)

Une crafe

A glass bottle (usually of wine)

La carte de vins

The wine list

Le cidre


Le jus


Le Kir

White wine with cassis or blackberry syrup

Un pichet

A small pitcher (usually of wine)


Keep reading to learn about popular menu terms for meat, fish and more…

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