If you’d like to contribute, we welcome guest posts and recipes from bloggers and writers from around the world.

We are specifically looking for regular contributors to Kitchen Geekery, people who can provide informative and exciting articles and recipes.

We are very proud to present only well-written, well-researched pieces of content to our audience and we expect any submissions to fit in with the overall tone of Kitchen Geekery.

Don’t be scared if an article is very specialist, or very technical – our readers will enjoy it, and appreciate your knowledge, whether it’s a gluten-free recipe or an article about the health benefits of the tomato.


We will consider articles on almost all aspects of food and cookery, from how to choose the right seafood, 50 facts about burgers, through to articles about the science behind molecular gastronomy.


Articles must be of an appropriate length – a few hundred words minimum, and should be written with the aim of becoming a useful reference for someone – whilst some blogs post stories about a funny story about a meal enjoyed on a date – we prefer content that people learn from, share, and come back to as reference.

We do not accept blatant sales pitches, but we will post an article about the science behind tea and include a reference and link to your site if you sell tea.

Any photography attached must be copyright free, or sent with the author’s permission.

We reserve the right to edit, update, and un-publish articles, as we deem necessary.

Articles must be unique to Kitchen Geekery, whilst you can post similar articles elsewhere, we do ask that the articles published on Kitchen Geekery are not reposted elsewhere.

To send us articles, or ideas for articles please email


We love receiving recipes, and they are fun to write, but we do have exacting standards about what we publish.

Recipes must be worthy; we will not publish a recipe deemed too basic or too short.

Recipes must contain the following:

  • A large photo
  • Cooking/preparation time
  • Serving size (How many people)
  • A complete list of ingredients and amounts
  • An introduction
  • A thorough step by step method

Please send your recipes to

We will where possible work with writers of submitted content to polish any rough edges, all we want is to preserve the level of content we have on Kitchen Geekery.

We will read every submission that we get. You’ll hear back from us within a week.

Above all, enjoy yourself – writing about food and the kitchen is fun!