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Product Reviews

We will happily review anything that comes through our doors, with particular attention given to items and foods which would appeal to our audience of educated, and generally affluent readers.

We have already been lucky enough to review some Cuisinart and Sodastream equipment, and we would love to be sent more things to use and write about.

To enquire about submitting a product for review, please email us.

Sponsored Articles

We can write in-depth reviews or articles on any food or kitchen-related topic of your choice, whilst we maintain strict journalistic freedom – we only accept sponsored article commissions on topics we feel would be of interest to our audience.

It might be an article about the chemical processes which take place during slow cooking, or about the role of antioxidants in your new chocolate bar and their health benefits, but either way, a well-written informative article about the features, or science of your product is a great way to promote yourself to a wide audience.

To enquire about sponsoring an article or recipe please email us.

Recipe Development

We can work with brands and food producers to share recipes that feature specific ingredients or products.

We can make use of our existing collection of recipes, or create new recipes for publishing on Kitchen Geekery, in books or in other media.

Brand Ambassadorship

We would love to work with you and your brand or product. We have a growing community of foodies, fans and homemakers who read Kitchen Geekery and we want to work with brands that would interest us and them.

We can also share your brand across our social media channels or through our content and newsletters.

Company Events / Trade Shows

We are available to attend events and trips which we feel our audience would have an interest in. We can share your brand with visitors to this website, or help raise your profile at events. 

To discuss ways we can work together, please contact us.


We are looking to partner with premium brands and companies who are keen to reach our audience who want to advertise on the site. Banner space is available within specific sections, or the page header and are available at very competitive prices.

To enquire about working with us, or advertising on Kitchen Geekery, please email us.


A selection of who we have worked with

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