Spanish cooking terms

Spanish TapasHere is the definitive list of common Spanish culinary terms — a useful partner to cookbooks, or watching your favourite cookery show. If we have missed any let us know in the comments section!

A la Marinera

Common style of cooking in Spanish cuisine, "A la Marinera" is cooked with white wine, onions and sometimes tomatoes.

A la Parrilla

Charcoal grilled – also known as a la brasa.

A la Plancha

Grilled on a metal plate.

Al Ajillo

Fried or sauted with garlic.

Al Pil-pil

Al Pil-pil means that the item has been prepare in a particular kind of sauce, originating in the Basque country.

Al Vapor

Spanish for "steamed."


An emulsion sauce made with garlic and olive oil. Eggs are usually added for stability. It is like a garlic mayonnaise.


This simply means "roast" or "roasted."


Sandwich or a Baguette.

Cafe con Leche

"Cafe con Leche" is a coffee drink, similar to a "Latte."


Spanish for "Meat" and can refer to beef, pork and lamb.


This simply means "casserole" or "saucepan."


Cocido is a traditional chickpea-based stew.


Spanish for "breakfast".


"Dulces" is the Spanish term for sweets.


"Entremeses" are also listed on menus as "entrantes."


Stewed or "pot-roasted."


Ham, a very popular food in Spain.


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