The most popular French menu words explained

french cuisine

Kitchen Geekery has produced this handy guide to explain all the French menu words and terminology – perfect for that trip to Paris – or that new French restaurant!

This is an extensive list of French menu words, so it could also be an invaluable resource for anyone looking to learn enough French to get by during a French meal, or enjoying a meal at a French speaking restaurant.

The Drinks Menu


An alcoholic drink served before dinner, popular examples are; the Vesper Martini, Dubonnet cocktail or French Martini.

Avec des glaçons

“With ice” or “On the rocks”.

La biére


Une bouteille

A bottle

Le café

Coffee (typically Espresso)

Une carafe

A glass bottle (usually of wine)

La carte de vins

The wine list

Le cidre


Le jus


Le Kir

White wine with cassis or blackberry syrup

Un pichet

A small pitcher (usually of wine)

Keep reading to learn about popular French menu terms for meat, fish and more…