B-52 Shot

  • Units: 3
  • Served in: Shot glass
  • Total time: 5 minutes


  • 25 ml/0.85 fl. oz (1 Measure) Kahlúa Coffee Liqueur
  • 25 ml/0.85 fl. oz (1 Measure) Baileys Irish cream Liqueur
  • 25 ml/0.85 fl. oz (1 Measure) Triple sec such as Grand Marnier
B-52 Shot

The B-52 cocktail shot is a layered shot composed of a coffee liqueur (Kahlúa), an Irish cream (Baileys Irish Cream), and a triple sec (Grand Marnier). When prepared properly, the ingredients separate into three distinctly visible layers.


  1. To a shot glass pour the coffee liqueur (Like Kahlúa or Tia Maria)
  2. Then gently pour in the Irish cream liqueur over a small spoon (Such as Baileys). The small spoon lessens the impact of the pouring so the layers are preserved.
  3. Then top up the shot with a little triple-sec such as Grand Marnier, again over a small spoon
There are special machines that can prepare a B-52 (or other multi-layered cocktails) in only a few seconds.

Please note that the units field is an estimation, and will vary depending on the type and quantity of alcohol used. Please drink responsibly and legally.

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