Spicy Michelada cocktail

Spicy Michelada cocktail
The Spicy Michelada is a Mexican beer cocktail that features tomato juice spiced by various hot sauces and mixed with lime juice and Mexican beer. Apart from making the drink refreshing, the lime juice also adds to it some tartness and acidity.
It is believed that the Spicy Michelada recipe was created in the early 20th century when General Michel would ask a bartender to serve his cold beer with lime juice and hot sauce. Presumably the latter would later name the cocktail after General Michel, adding the word lada (which means "cold") to michel.
Today Spicy Michelada is popular at brunches and pairs well with other Mexican dishes. Although it is called "spicy" the Spicy Michelada is quite mild and well-balanced.
Total Time: 5 minutes


  • tumbler glass


  • 60 ml tomato juice (or Clamato juice for extra flavour)
  • 45 ml Mexican beer
  • 30 ml lime juice
  • 3-4 dashes hot sauce
  • 3-4 dashes Worcestershire sauce
  • 3-4 dashes soy sauce
  • Tajin seasoning (for the rim)
  • slice of lime (to garnish)


  • Fill a saucer with enough Tajin seasoning to coat the entire rim of the glass. Rub a slice of lime around your glass. Holding the glass upside down, dip the wet rim into Tajin. Press the glass down gently and twist it around until it is evenly coated.
  • Fill the glass with tomato (or Clamato) juice. Add the lime juice together with Worcestershire, hot and soy sauces. Stir gently.
  • Add some ice cubes and top the drink up with cold Mexican beer.
  • Garnish with a slice of lime and enjoy!
Because the tomato has seeds and grows from a flowering plant, botanically it is classed as a fruit not a vegetable as many people believe.

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