Recipes tagged with "american".

Al Forno Meatballs

Few things are more comforting – or more filling – than homemade meatballs. This recipe for Al Forno is a twist on the typical meatballs recipe, and uses a spicier prepared sauce as the base.

Spam summer salad with pine nuts and couscous

To celebrate the 75th birthday of Spam we are posting this recipe for Spam.

Parmesan meatloaf

This is a twist on the classic American meatloaf recipe.

Orange, rosemary and chicken skewers

When it's warm and sunny, what better time to grill and enjoy your meals outdoors with this guest recipe.

Chocolate brownies

An easy recipe for chocolate brownies, and these are perfect for a bit of home-baked (over)indulgence.

Chicken and chorizo jambalaya

This is a hearty recipe for a chicken and chorizo jambalaya. It's a simple one pot recipe, which can be cooked in advance, and reheated or left on a gentle simmer.