Recipes tagged with "chorizo".

Grilled red peppers with chorizo toasts

With all the gatherings going on this season, make life a little easier in the kitchen without compromising on flavour. These simple red pepper and chorizo toasts make for the perfect morsel to pass around a party with a glass of wine in hand! 

Chorizo scotch eggs

​A paprika infused twist on the humble, and very delicious traditional scotch egg.

Chorizo and cabbage soup

​Chorizo and cabbage soup is a simple, warming soup that can be prepared quickly from some pretty basic ingredients.

Monkfish and chorizo skewers

This recipe for monkfish and chorizo skewers makes an impressive meal - especially when served alongside a vibrant saffron sauce over new potatoes.

Chicken and chorizo jambalaya

This is a hearty recipe for a chicken and chorizo jambalaya. It's a simple one pot recipe, which can be cooked in advance, and reheated or left on a gentle simmer.