Beurre blanc

Beurre blanc sauce

FAQ Is beurre blanc a mother sauce? No, buerre blanc is not one of the five mother sauces but is often regarded as the sixth. Is beurre blanc hard to make? As with most sauces, taking care to heat the sauce gently, regular stirring and a little preparation remove most of the risk. Take good […]

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Hollandaise sauce

Hollandaise sauce

FAQ Is hollandaise sauce an emulsion? Yes, an emulsion is a mixture of two ingredients that would not usually mix together. This is why if heated too quickly or too much, hollandaise can split. Is hollandaise sauce dairy free? No, butter is a key ingredient in the recipe. Is hollandaise sauce gluten free? Yes, hollandaise

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Bechamel sauce

Béchamel sauce

FAQ What is bechamel sauce used for? Bechamel sauce is a creamy sauce used as the base for many other sauces, it goes well with vegetables, potatoes, white-meats and cheese dishes. Is bechamel a white sauce? Bechamel sauce is a white sauce, it is one of the “mother sauces” of French cuisine. Is bechamel sauce

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Strawberry cupcakes

Strawberry Cupcakes

FAQ Are strawberry cupcakes healthy? No, these are best enjoyed as a treat – as they contain a lot of sugar and fat (butter). Are cupcakes and muffins the same? Cupcakes tend to contain more sugar and fat (butter, oil) than muffins. Also muffins are typically not frosted, whereas cupcakes are.

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