Eggnog cocktail


FAQ When and where was eggnog invented? Eggnog originated in Britain during the early medieval times as a drink called posset which is a hot drink similar to an ale. During the 1700s, eggnog was introduced to America by settlers and it made use of the relatively cheap rum which was plentiful at the time. Why is eggnog …

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Bechamel sauce

Béchamel sauce

FAQ What is bechamel sauce used for? Bechamel sauce is a creamy sauce used as the base for many other sauces, it goes well with vegetables, potatoes, white-meats and cheese dishes. Is bechamel a white sauce? Bechamel sauce is a white sauce, it is one of the “mother sauces” of French cuisine. Is bechamel sauce …

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Yorkshire pudding

Yorkshire pudding

FAQ Are Yorkshire puddings gluten free? No, these Yorkshire puddings are made with flour which contains gluten. Is Yorkshire pudding bread or not? No, Yorkshire puddings are made with batter.