Best Substitutes for Sugar in Baking? Try Agave Syrup!

What Are the Best Substitutes for Sugar in Baking?

Want to know what are the best substitutes for sugar in baking? This guide from Kitchen Geekery has you covered! Reducing sugar in baking doesn’t mean you have to compromise on flavour or texture. Whether you’re looking to cut down on refined sugars, managing dietary restrictions, or simply experimenting with new ingredients, there are numerous […]

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Sangria cocktail

FAQ Is Sangria an alcohol? Yes, Sangria is alcoholic. It’s a mixed Spanish drink the ingredients of which vary depending on the region. However, it almost all the time includes wine. When should I drink Sangria? Since Sangria can be served both hot and cold, it is a perfect drink for all types of weather.

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Blueberry macarons

Blueberry Macarons

FAQ What are macarons famous for? Macarons are produced by some of the finest French bakeries and come in a variety of luxurious flavours – and are usually wrapped up equally beautifully and given as gifts. This has only served to boost the profile and fame of these sweet little meringue sweets. Why are macarons

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