The 10 best gin cocktails

Best gin cocktails

Gin has enjoyed a resurgence over the last few years, with gin bars cropping up in cities across the world, so its no surprise we have been asked what are the best gin cocktails. So we put our heads together and compiled a list from our cocktail recipe collection. If vodka is more your taste we have a list of the best vodka cocktails too.

This list is not official, nor is it terribly scientific, it is based on the popularity of the cocktail recipe on our website and mixed in with a bit of our personal judgement and our (extensive!) experience.

What we can say for sure is that every one of these cocktails is worth trying (responsibly of course!).

So here is our roundup of the 10 best gin cocktails.

Gin Sour

The Gin Sour is the first entry on our list of the best gin cocktails and one of the most common to find on a bar menu. The Gin Sour cocktail is a slightly tart, bitter cocktail made from gin, lemon juice and simple syrup.

The Gin Sour gets a little twist from the egg white that creates its light foam topping.

Gin Sour cocktail
Gin Sour – easy to make and drink

French 75

The French 75 cocktail is a refreshing and citrusy, sparkling gin cocktail dating back to 1915. It combines classic looks with a delicious flavour making this cocktail is a perfect drink for a casual party or a romantic evening.

The French 75 was created by bartender Harry McElhone in Paris and named after the French cannon of the same name. The French 75 cannon was known for its soft yet powerful recoil. So similarly to the cannon, the French 75 cocktail intoxicates strongly and quickly, whilst maintaining a smooth, gentle effect on the drinker.

French 75 cocktail

Clover Club

The Clover Club cocktail is perhaps the most beautiful gin drink on our list; with its glorious red colour and a smooth creamy texture – this gin drink never fails to please.

The Clover Club cocktail is a tangy sour gin cocktail that originated in the 1900s and is made with gin, lemon juice, raspberry syrup, and an egg white. The egg white is what gives the cocktail its luxurious, creamy foam.

The cocktail was named after the gentleman’s club of the same name that would meet in one of the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia during the pre-Prohibition era.

Clover Club cocktail
Stunning in looks and flavour – the Clover Club cocktail


The Gimlet cocktail is a refreshing cocktail composed of gin, fresh lime juice and simple syrup. A time-served classic cocktail – the Gimlet was named after a British navy surgeon Sir Thomas Gimlette back in the 19th century.

Sir Thomas created the Gimlet cocktail to encourage the consumption of limes by his men. As limes are packed full of vitamin C they were prescribed to prevent sailors from catching scurvy at sea, but they do have a very sharp taste which is unpleasant on its own. The prescription of limes to its Navy is why British Sailors (even to this day) are called Limeys!

Even without the need to treat scurvy, this is a very enjoyable cocktail with a strong kick of sharpness from the citrus.

Gimlet cocktail
Invented by a British Naval Surgeon to treat scurvy – the Gimlet


The Alexander cocktail makes our list of the best gin cocktails as offers something so very different to the others; it’s creamy, minty with a hint of nutmeg – which does sound crazy – but it works!

The Alexander cocktail is a gin-based cocktail and is rich and creamy due to the mixing of creme de cacao with single/light cream and an egg white. This is a variant of the Brandy Alexander cocktail which is also garnished with freshly grated nutmeg, the only difference is that brandy is used instead of the gin that this recipe uses.

Alexander cocktail

Singapore Sling

The Singapore Sling cocktail hails from Singapore and is a refreshing zesty alcoholic cocktail great for lovers of gin. It was originally called the Gin Sling, which has its origins in the late 18th Century. 

Singapore sling cocktail
The Singapore Sling


One of the most famous gin cocktails, the Negroni cocktail is an Italian classic served usually as an aperitif. The Negroni is beautiful in its appearance and has a finely balanced taste.

The origin of Negroni was first associated with Count Camillo Negroni of Florence who in 1919 asked the bartender to make a stronger version of his Americano and to swap the soda with gin.

Negroni cocktail
The eternally sophisticated Negroni cocktail


A favourite of infamous New York Gangster Al Capone the Southside cocktail is a sharp, delicious drink that combines mint, lime and sugar. Whilst mint, lime and sugar are also the ingredients of a rum mojito the Southside has a bigger, stronger flavour less diluted by ice.

Southside cocktail
A favourite of Al Capone – the Southside cocktail

Dry Martini

Probably the most famous cocktail in the world, the classic Dry Martini cocktail is a drink made with gin and dry vermouth garnished with an olive or a lemon twist.

It would be impossible to list the best gin cocktails without mentioning this one, and if you haven’t tried a classic Dry Martini yet, it’s one to consider in future.

Dry Martini cocktail
Royaly amongst cocktails – the classic Dry Martini

We hope you found this top ten interesting; you might enjoy our article with 50 facts about wine, or our roundup of the Ten classic cocktails. If you prefer vodka we also have a list of our top vodka cocktails too.

We love writing about all things food and drink, so if you have any other ideas for articles, summaries or recipes then please contact us.