Christmas Update

Christmas is all too rapidly closing in, and now that the latest version of Kitchen Geekery has launched, it's about time I updated the site! Although the website (currently) looks very similar to the old site, there has been a complete rewrite of the entire underlying system. The eagle-eyed among you will notice that there are now related recipes, and that the comments are now completely integrated to the site, but mostly everything should look and feel much the same. The important change is that now the website is powered by a much more powerful publishing tool, one which saves huge amounts of time administering the website, and updating the content and galleries – meaning more time can be spent on content, not code. These changes also have the added benefit of making the website load much faster, and have much neater links for the content - awesome! The plan now is to add lots of content, and get caught up on all those recipes, reviews, articles and photos I have been sent whilst the site was in development. Alongside this I plan to; improve the websites design and make the website completely responsive and adhere to the very latest web design practices.

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