Recipes tagged with "indian".

Chicken dopiaza

Dopiaza is a curry hailing from the bengal region of India. The Hindu words Do (two) and piaz (onions) refer to the fact that the onions are cooked two different ways; in the oven, and fried.

Butternut squash and spinach curry

This healthy butternet squash and spinach curry is perfect during a cold night and tastes seriously good. 

Spicy Tamarind chutney with Medjool dates

Whilst you can buy pre-prepared tamarind chutney from most good grocery stores, I find that adding Medjool dates improves the taste immeasurably.

Spicy Bengali fish curry

This spicy Bengali fish curry recipe is as simple as a true fish curry can get.

Saffron sauce

Saffron sauce adds a touch of luxury to many dishes.

Tomato raita

Raita is an Indian, Bangladeshi or Pakistani condiment made from yogurt (dahi), it is used as a dip or a sauce.